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How to Help Your Clients Recognize Unhealthy Thought Patterns

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When working with clients in your ICF certified professional coaching practice, one of the biggest roadblocks your clients face is … themselves! Consider the following premise: Beliefs control thoughts, thoughts control feelings, and feelings determine actions and reactions. Contrary to what your client—and you as a coach—believes, he or she is an illogical thinker. Why do I say that? Because we do not live according to our logic, but according to our experiences. For [...]

ICF Certified Professional Coach Training Makes You a Better Coach

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In today’s unregulated coaching world, we’re often asked, “Why does ICF certified coach training make me a better coach?” While completing a training program isn’t necessary to start a coaching business, becoming a certified coach gives you instant credibility with potential clients. Completing an ICF certified training program means you are recognized as being part of a select group of coaches. In fact, as of 2019, just under 30,000 coaches have completed various levels [...]

What You Need to Know to Become an ICF Certified Coach

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Coaches with the ICF (International Coach Federation) certification demonstrate to potential clients their commitment to the coaching profession and to the client’s well-being. ICF is the gold standard by which all coaching programs are measured. Becoming an ICF certified coach will instantly build your credibility and give you a significant advantage within the industry. According to the ICF: • 84% of clients value certification as a professional standard of quality assurance. • Certified coaches have higher [...]

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