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Drs. Simon & Trish Presland are the founders and instructors of PRESLAND COACHING INSTITUTE, an ICF Level 1 accredited training coach training program. Their shared love of coaching and helping others to grow and develop, personally and professionally, form the basis of their certified coaching program.

They are ICF PCC and ACC Credentialed life coaches with more than 15 years in the coaching and teaching arenas. They have both achieved earned doctorate degrees and various certifications including Emotional Intelligence, Predictive Index, Temperament Analysis, 360 Assessment, Leadership Development, and more.

Simon and Trish are sought-after personal and professional growth and development speakers and teachers, with extensive backgrounds in the corporate, industrial, and non-profit arenas. They have developed over 100 workshops, courses, and curricula. Simon and Trish are on a mission to provide the best certified coaching training available for professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and employees. Join them today and be a part of the professional coaching revolution that is sweeping through the business world.

On a personal level, Simon and Trish enjoy coaching clients to find their “breakthrough” by identifying personal belief systems and challenging those perspectives to promote life-changing decisions and actions.