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ICF Accredited Professional Coach Training Program

Presland Coaching Institute is for ambitious business leaders and personnel who are committed to improving their personal and professional results by becoming a Certified Professional Coach.

PCI delivers an ICF accredited professional 60-hour program via 30-hours of prework and 30-hours of live training at your facility or ours. The program is conducted in English to accommodate people from around the world.
Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Certification Training, $2995

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Also available

1-Day Non-Certified Coach Training Seminar, $1499
Core Coaching Competency Workshops, $250-$500
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We are ready to train you, support you, and empower you to be effective certified coaches.

Our Values

Our ICF accredited coaching program is founded on ICF Core Competencies. The program is guided by our company’s core values:

ICF accredited training combining Smart Training Methodologies, Strong Coaching Competencies, and Solid Business Practices at the affordable price of $2,995/participant. Our mission is to provide the finest coach training and professional certification at an affordable tuition rate.

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“Presland Coaching Institute has made a profound impact on my life that I’ve charted a new course for my business endeavors.”

Michelle N., Michigan,

“While going through the PCI training, I was able to resolve some personal issues that were holding me back from seeing the bigger picture of my business. I am now free to see clearer and inspired to develop my business coaching practice.”

Hector M., Texas,

“PCI gives you the tools and knowledge to help others find whatever they’re looking for. During my coach business training, I had several “ah ha” moments that have made me a more effective coach. I highly recommend PCI to be your certification program!”

Theresa C., Michiga

“While attending the PCI training, I discovered business coach niche, and now have clear direction on decisions I needed to make. The instructors created a trusting environment in which to ask questions, and I’m now confident in my abilities to coach others.”

Robert C., Michigan

“I loved attending the PCI Training! The instructors are genuine, insightful and a great coach. They have played a big role in guiding me in my journey to several personal and professional breakthroughs. Highly recommended!”

Shelly R., Alabama

“The PCI training is solid, practical, and applicable. I now have greater clarity for my personal and business goals!”

Bridget C., Michigan

“While attending the Presland Coaching Institute training, I the ‘surveys and analysis’ instruction was a great benefit to my personal life, and excellent tools I can use in my business. The program set me up for success!”

Shonda C., Michigan

“The instructors’ understanding of the reasons behind human behavior and habits is simply amazing. They caused me to examine some of my behaviors, and gave me greater insight into how people interact in the business world and why the act and react in particular ways. The PCI training has catapulted my business in a positive direction. I highly recommend the program.”

Pete T., Michigan


amy hirschi K0c8ko3e6AA unsplash Our Certification Model provides you with the WHY, WHAT and HOW of professional coaching. You will learn the theory and practicality of coaching, as well as “practice” coaching others, giving you the confidence to coach in the real world.

With more than 20 years of training, teaching and coaching experience, we deliver exceptional instruction combined with practical application via real life coaching scenarios.

you got thisOur program is founded on the ICF Core Competencies, and includes unique instruction on Emotional Intelligence, Temperament Analysis, and Personal Strengths, further enhancing your coaching capabilities. Graduates are confident in their ability to empower clients transform their thinking, discover new perspectives and see new possibilities. ICF credentialing levels and requirements can be found here: The benefits to ICF joining the ICF can be found here:

Smart Training Methodologies. Strong Coaching Competencies. Solid Business Practices. This is who we are and what we do.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation to discuss your interest in becoming an ICF, CPC coach.

And check out our FREE Resources page for additional tools that will get you started immediately.


Affordably priced at $2,995!

Our certified program includes a comprehensive training manual, lunch & refreshments, networking opportunities, bonus coaching materials, and a PCI certificate with the lifetime CPC coach designation and digital logo.

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